Branded by Fire - Nalini Singh

The plot was a little different because we have two important parts of both packs discovering a mating dance, but the best part of this book for me was Mercy and her softer side, because she's very much one of the boys and for the first time I have a feeling she's lonely and needing a little attention.

Never realised she had that big of family, but it was quite nice seeing her mother and the way strong and independent woman are part of the family. Loved Eduardo and Joaquim, con they return please? Wanted more of their suave moves with different pack members.

In this book we also have the humans showing a dark and very dangerous side with the Human Alliance. I liked the rats being helpfull too, but I want to know more about them. This book had it all, but I loved the changes in Brenna and Riley, they needed a lighter side after the way Enrique broke their trust.