Kindred in Death (In Death, #29) - J.D. Robb
Another great investigation from Dallas and Roarke. Yes I know she has Peabody, McNab and even Whitney, but for me most of those investigations are purely Eve and Roarke pilling up evidences and making a case out of those scenarios. She can be a little sppoky with the way she always know how the murder is acting, but usually Roarke is able to help her with people or even by just using the computer.
This time was a little different because we can see she's disturbed by the way the victim died and even after Whitney asked for her help, is clear she would never refuse. Roarke was her rock in this one and made all the grand gestures, but I loved the way Eve was a little lost with the wedding and her espected help. She had no idea about what to do. Too bad we barely saw the wedding.